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Subhumans resissuing back-catalogue

In the Trowbridge area of Wiltshire 1980, Dick, Bruce, Phil and Trotsky formed Subhumans, one of the most literate and musically athletic punk bands to come from the UK (alongside their contemporaries Crass, Conflict and Rudimentary Peni) Having previously played in other bands; The Mental and The Stupid Humans, Subhumans united and began to develop a trademark sound fusing political songcraft latent with meaning, wit and experimental warfare which would in turn bring them much success and recognition. They have also had an enormous influence on, and being a massive inspiration to the likes of Rancid, Operation Ivy to Queens Of The Stone Age. By 1985 Subhumans played 262 shows (including European and US tours) and Dick went on to form ska-punk-reggae band Culture Shock before re-uniting with Trotsky and Phil again in '89 to form Citizen Fish.

After releasing a total of five full length records on their own BLUURG label and six EPs (not to mention D.I.Y cassettes) the band are still going strong. Their most recent release Internal Riot received glowing reviews from the press and fanzines on a global scale, all acknowledging the strength of the Subhumans formula, which really has stood the test of time. Subhumans rage against the world and also (importantly) focus on trying to improve it!

Subhumans remain one of the most important UK punk bands and now, 17 years after their first LP was released, they are reissuing the back catalogue. The reissues are completely remastered and will be presented in deluxe packaging in CD in a digipack format complete with a poster and on 140g coloured vinyl. Both formats boast original artwork. This delve back into the treasure chest that is the Subhumans back catalogue will form a historical perspective of a legendary band who are still at the top of their game and will make great collectibles for any die-hard fan. Here are the planned reissues:

1982 - The Day The Country Died
Their first LP recorded in five days in June 1982 and first released in 1983 on Spiderleg Records before putting it out on their own label. With dystopian undertones it describes a world ravaged by war. An absolute classic.

1983 - From Cradle To Grave
Second full length album, this one a concept album about live and the transitions from life to death, loving and hating. Subhumans reveal a more mature side to their music without losing any intensity.

1983 - Time Flies/Rats
The band's third release, originally two EPs later combined to make one album. Delivering satirical blows left right and centre in a heavy manner, verging on hardcore punk stylings.

1985 - Worlds Apart
The fourth album by the Subhumans, combining elements of ska, reggae and punk. Hailed by many as their strongest album.

1986 - EP LP
A brutal compilation of early EPs. This is raw punk rock at its finest, lashing out at materialism, religion, animal testing, greed, corruption of the political system, and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

1987 - 29 29 Split Vision
Sixth full length and one of the bands more exploratory albums, all of the songs vary in some way to the next, which makes this album a special addition to any Subhumans fan's collection.

2004 - Unfinished Business
Seven songs, all rare tracks from crucial periods in the band's long career. Included are songs that were recorded live back in 1981, at Pickwick Studios in 1982, at Southern Studios in 1983, as well as some ancient songs re-recorded at bassist Phil's place in 1998.

All of these releases draw upon topical issues that are still in contention today therefore maintaining the relevancy of Dick's lyrical bashings and thus rendering these albums equally as intense as when they were originally released.

The entire back-catalogue is available through the Southern Records webshop and more information about these reissues can be found on the Southern website

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