Wednesday, June 24

Chrome Hoof confirmed to play Glastonbury...oh yeah!!!

Raise your hands in the air, wave them from side to side, do a little shimmy and repeat after me...HOOF HOOF HOOF...HOOF HOOF HOOF...HOOF HOOF HOOF!!!

The colossal CHROME HOOF continue to dazzle and impress and this week support has come from some mighty high places. Firstly, on Monday Rob Da Bank spun "Tonyte" on the Steve Lamacq show. It took little persuasion and we are proud to announce that the Hoof have now been added to the Glastonbury line up and will be rocking the Dragstrip stage, Trash City 1am. Whoop and holler!!!

Following this, co-organiser of Glastonbury, Emily Eavis has rated them in her "top ten non-headliner musical tips" which you can read about on the Glastonbury website.

Here they are again proving that there is no stopping them!!!
Come on party people, don't bail on us now!!!

Tuesday, June 23

Thou are on tour!!!

Thou recently released their long out of print record Tyrant on Southern Lord (which might I add is available now from our webshop on deluxe 180g vinyl) They have crafted a perfect amalgamation of sludge, doom and hardcore which certainly ticks all the boxes for me!

Check them out on tour in the UK starting tonight in London town:

Jun 23, 2009 Grosvenor London Moloch and Pombagira
Jun 24, 2009 Korova Liverpool Moloch, Lazarus Blackstar, Dragged
into Sunlight, and Hammer Attack
Jun 25, 2009 Henry's Cellar Bar Edinburgh Moloch and Haar
Jun 26, 2009 Arc Rehearsal Studios Glasgow Moloch and Jackie Onassis
Jun 27, 2009 Cremorne Hotel Sheffield Moloch and Jewdis
Jun 28, 2009 Eamonn Dorans Dublin Altar of Plagues, Female Orphan Asylum,
This Weary Hour
Jun 29, 2009 Laverys Bunker Belfast Altar of Plagues, Wretch, and War Iron
Jun 30, 2009 The Cellar Galway Altar of Plagues, Neifenbach, and On
Pain of Death
Jul 1, 2009 Cypress Avenue Cork Altar of Plagues and This Weary Hour

For more info, visit the Southern website.

Thursday, June 18

TOURTUFI!!! Tartufi announce UK dates supporting Marnie Stern

Since announcing the signing of Tartufi to Southern Records, I have made no secret of the fact that I love that band and I genuinely believe that with their Southern debut Nests Of Waves And Wire, we have a real gem on our hands.

One drum kit, one guitar and razor sharp vocals are looped and bound together with great precision to create dense songs drenched with abstract abrasion - littered with lush harmonies. Their music is progressive, complex and highly innovative...and they have a very unique sense of humour. Many have compared them to Animal Collective (and if they sell anywhere near as many records then we will be laughing all the way to the bank!) But seriously, we feel that they have great potential and want to share them with everyone.

Needless to say I am very delighted to announce that they are coming over this July to support Marnie Stern on tour and to play Supersonic festival in Birmingham. Here are the dates:


As well as the tour dates, we are also promoting a music video for the song “Fleet Week” from the new album which you can view on youtube.

We at Southern are not the only ones singing their praises, here are some kind words from the popular press:

"An expansive lattice of twinkling loops, math-rock crunch and none-more-giddy harmonies. Animal Collective fans in search of further post-psych rapture should bend an ear to these compulsive, crisply produced workouts." 4/5 stars MOJO

"Tartufi build intricate loops of organic alt rock and lay freak folk riffs over clattering campfire rhythms. The effect is rapturous, strident." PLAN B

"This is huge. Imagine Animal Collective boxing their way out of rock's paper bag without putting down their guitars first and you have it, crudely. The San-Franciscans charge from played-with-shards-of-broken-glass guitar to crescendos that manage somehow, to sound both jubilant and doomed." NME

"A dizzying construct of lunatic prettiness. It all flows together, like a fantastical alien river." 8/10 ROCKSOUND

"NOWAW is beautiful, unassuming, indulgent, horrific, a lightning strike joyride...the new album from the San Francisco duo sees them experiment further than ever before, as they twist in every track between aggressive pounding rock and charming intricate melodies which have seen their live shows receive so much attention." 4/5 ROCKFEEDBACK

"As dramatic as the changing of seasons, NOWAW is a vital celebration of the power and immensity of sound and the human voice. Perfect springtime listening." WEARS THE TROUSERS

Monday, June 15

Action Beat UK dates are approaching

When we said that these Bletchley boys like to tour, we were not exaggerating. Action Beat have been on the road pretty much none stop since last year playing out their highly commended album The Noise Band From Bletchley (Truth Cult).

Having just returned from a mammoth tour on the continent, they are showing no signs of slowing down and are booking UK dates left, right and centre (they of course popping back across to Belgium to play a gig in Gent too!)

Here is the hitlist so far:

Fri Jun 19 2009

Sat Jun 27 2009

Sat Jul 11 2009

Fri Jul 17 2009

Thu Jul 23 2009

You can check out live footage of their killer shows on the Southern Youtube channel and you can keep track of their other activities on the Southern Records website

Thursday, June 11

Neurosis European tour dates announced!!!

Neurosis has fought hard to maintain its sovereignty, not just in the music business but as a boundlessly creative entity. The band brought keyboards to heavy punk and experimental noise to metal, they merged antique droning folk with Black Flag's desperation, and all the while forging onward toward new means to explore the infinite realms of catharsis and self-transformation, while myriad bands simply follow in their wake.

They ripped through a ferocious set of old favourites and songs from the most recent album Given To The Rising (as well as curating a day of fantastic music) back in April at Roadburn Festival (Holland) and now they are coming back for are the tour dates in full:

26-Jun Helsinki, Finland Tuska Festival
27-Jun Riga, Latvia
29-Jun Malmo, Sweden Debaser
1-Jul Stockholm, Sweden Debaser Medis
3-Jul Turku, Finland Ruisrock
5-Jul Copenhagen, Denmark Roskilde Arena Stage
6-Jul Berlin, Germany Astra Kulturhaus
7-Jul Prague, Czech Republic Palac Akropolis
8-Jul Haarlem, Holland Patronaat

...with a band of this caliber there are seldom disappointed faces in the crowd.

I sure wish I could see them again!

If you want to learn more about them and keep up to speed with their current projects and solo ventures then please visit the Southern website.

Thursday, June 4

Boduf Songs live in London

After knocking me (and many others) sideways with his first two releases on Kranky (the self titled record Boduf Songs and The Lion Devours The Sun) Mathew Sweet aka Boduf Songs has continued to release records of such immense quality. His most recent full length How Shadows Chase The Balance is in my opinion utterly astounding. On this album he uses a similar formula to what he has employed previously; one microphone, one acoustic guitar, selected field recordings, and a deft, understated touch with the mixing process. He locked himself away in his home studio and no one heard a single note until he was finished. This album is a further step away from the "folk" label, which never seemed all that appropriate to Mathew's work in any case. Boduf Songs might more rightly be construed as "acoustic death metal" considering Sweet's favoured themes of death, alienation, fear, hatred and isolation, as well as his affinity for gothic imagery.

More recently Boduf Songs released CD and vinyl versions of the Latitudes Session which was recorded at Southern Studios entitled The Strait Gait (limited to 1000 copies and with exclusive artwork from Mat Sweet himself). The result of this recording is two outstanding tracks, the first one "Please Extract My Teeth With Your Rustiest Pliers (For Redemptive)" sounds like it could have been used as the soundtrack to a 1970s horror film, with timely splashing cymbals, scratchy guitar sounds and deep thunderous drones. The second track "That Angel Was Fucking Piss" is quintessential Boduf, with brooding vocals, the crisp plucking of the acoustic guitar and every detail of every chord transition captured. Both songs are rich in timbre, creating an intense atmosphere for the listener to be well and truly absorbed.

There is no doubt that Mathew Sweet is an utterly distinctive artist, having developed an alchemical power to transform a minimal palette of common musical elements.

If you are based in London then I would urge you to watch Boduf Songs at the Flea Pit (49 Columbia Road, London, E2 7RG) tomorrow night. Doors are at 7pm and it costs £5 in advance or more on the door.

For further information about the ever-expanding Boduf Songs catalogue please visit the Southern website.

Calling all Londoners...Alabaster Suns FREE gig this Friday!!!

Formed from the ashes of UK post-hardcore stalwarts Capricorns (Rise Above records), Alabaster Suns comprises guitarist Kevin Williams (also ex-FABRIC, ex-DES MAN DIABLO), Nathan Perrier (also ex-LABRAT) with the addition of Anthony Dearlove on bass.

Their brutally heavy sets marked a decided shift from much of the more groove based latter day Capricorns material and drew on William's early influences such as Prong, Voivod and much of the early Dischord records output.

The band have continued to play live frequently all over the UK and this Friday they will be playing a FREE gig at the well respected Cro Bar on Manet Street (just off Charing cross Road). Get there early to be sure that you catch them before the usual rabble arrive, wait a minute, they are the usual rabble.

Don't forget that Alabaster Suns' cracking debut album will be coming out soon on the rising label Iron Pig. You can find out all about this awesome, fiercely progressive, heavy as hell record on the Southern website.

Monday, June 1

The Accused, Thorrs Hammer and Corrupted London show announced!

After a long week of inventory at the Southern warehouse it is business as usual which means that I can get back to sharing some great news with you.

I was thrilled to hear that Supersonic had confirmed, Thorrs Hammer, The Accused and Corrupted on the bill for this years festival in July. It added to an already stellar line up which also comprised our very own Zu and Nancy Wallace.

This week, the lovely ladies at Capsule have confirmed that Corrupted, Thorrs Hammer and The Accused are to play a London show at the Scala on Sunday 26 July. Get that date in your diary and for more information visit or call Scala's box office between 10am and 6pm Mon-Fri 08444 771 000.

Keep your eyes and ears at the ready for more news regarding Supersonic and Capsule shows.

Monday, May 18

Chrome Hoof in another killer collaboration...this time the artist Marcus Coates

Nomad and Qu Junktions present ‘A Ritual for Elephant & Castle’ featuring Marcus Coates performing live with Chrome Hoof, Wildbirds & Peacedrums and a 20-piece live drum circle, plus very special guests and DJs.

The highly anticipated collusion of artist / shapeshifter Marcus Coates and the thunder, rock and disco of the mighty Chrome Hoof is a fanciful and fantastic proposition add to this cauldron the raw sexual energy of Wildbirds & Peacedrums, backed up by a 20 piece drum circle and it is a explosive evening of infinite possibilities and happenings. FULL DETAILS BELOW.

Chrome Hoof, the huge ever-growing otherworldly mutant metal/disco/intergalactic sonic space band, seems to have been invented for such an event. They bring their own party and it is like no other, a combination of primal feeling, virtuosity, theatre, brooding menace and glamour.

Singer Lola Olafisoye is reminiscent of both Grace Jones at her stylish best and a New Orleans witch queen. Their mission is to make music to move the spirit. This time they come with a Marcus Coates on board.

“In any case, just as uncompromising and particular as the band are visually, they are even more so sonically.”

Thursday, May 14

Wolves In The Throne Room | European tour dates announced

Wolves in the Throne Room (Southern Lord) have ascended to the upper echelons of the underground scene by creating a transformative and apocalyptic musical manifestation that has come to completely transcend the black metal genre.

They have been touring relentlessly for the past year all over mainland Europe, the UK and the States. They are returning to Europe this June for some high profile festival appearances and other shows, although sadly they will not be taking in the UK this time round.

Each time that I see them I am left dumbstruck, mesmerized and always contemplating how that wall of beautiful noise can come to have such a hold on me. I am certain that on top of the excellent musicianship there are also some external and wholly natural forces at play which make every experience of Wolves In The Throne Room a transcendental one. Therefore I would urge everyone to find your nearest town where they are playing and experience it too and whats more, I would urge you to pick up any of their albums as the same experience can be felt when listening to them on record. Here are the dates in full:

13/06/09 NL Burgum, WALDROCK Festival
14/06/09 GER Bielefeld, AJZ (w/ Planks, Long Distance Calling, Blackwvs, Stench Of Styx)
15/06/09 GER Cologne, Underground
16/06/09 FRA Lyon, Le Sonic
17/06/09 ITA Padova, Unwound
18/06/09 AUT Salzburg/ Abtenau, Neudegg Alm Sonnenwend Celebration
19/06/09 GER Frankfurt, Elfer
20/06/09 FRA Paris, Le Nouveau Casino (w/ Enablers, From Monument To Masses, Snowman, Team Ghost)
21/06/09 FRA Clisson, HELLFEST
24/06/09 SLO Ljubljana, Gala Hala (NEW) w/ Pestlilence
25/06/09 GER WACHENROTH (D) Suffering Life Festival Warm Up Show (NEW) w/ Pestilence
26/06/09 AUT Ottensheim, Oheim Festival
27/06/09 BEL Dessel, Graspopo Festival
28/06/09 GER Karlsruhe, Jubez Dudefest (w/ Coalesce, Black Shape Of Nexus, Torche, Kylesa, Ghostlimb, Graf Orlock)
29/06/09 GER Hamburg, Hafenklang
30/06/09 GER Berlin, Knaack
02/07/09 DK Roskilde Festival
03/07/09 NOR Oslo, Garage

You can find out more about their albums on the Southern Records website.

There can beauty in black metal.

Wednesday, May 13

One Inch Badge Records at Great Escape Festival

One Inch Badge Records were asked to take over Thursday night at the Great Escape Festival 2009 and here's what they came up with...

ZACH HILL (Ipecac)
The warped genius behind the ferocious drums of HELLA. It's gonna be face melting!
Onstage 10:15-10:45pm

GENTLE, FRIENDLY (Upset The Rhythm)
Tonal scuzz-pop that bridges the gap between Animal Collective and Wavves.
Onstage 9:25-9:55

Brash and eclectic casio-pop courtesy of Tom Denney (ex-Help She Can't Swim).
Onstage 8:35-9:05

SJ ESAU (Anticon / OIB Records)
Skewed lo-fi hip-hop meets folk-pop. The first ever UK signing to the seminal Anticon label (Why?/Themselves/Sole/Sage Francis). SJ Esau's next release will be the OIB Records released split single 'Part of a Diagram' with Suburban Kids With Biblical Names/Half-handed Cloud/Kopek.
Onstage 7:45-8:15

Outrageous pop super group featuring members of Pope Joan, My Device, Lonely Ghosts, and Help She Can't Swim.
Onstage 7:00-7:25

Doors at 6:30pm
Thursday 14th May
@ The Freebutt, Brighton

Southern Records strongly recommend Mothlite at Great Escape who are playing on Saturday at the Freebutt at approx 9pm.
OIB recommend at Great Escape 09: Abe Vigoda, Wavves, Telepathe, Mika Miko, Handsome Family, Die! Die! Die!, Idlewild.

Friday, May 8

Upcoming Mothlite dates have changed!!!

Masters of sonic metamorphosis, Mothlite are playing a couple of shows this month, one in London and Brighton. Their Paris show which was scheduled for tomorrow will be rescheduled for June. Here are the dates in full:

Tue May 12 2009

Sat May 16 2009

They will of course be delighting us with songs from their debut album The Flax Of Reverie but they also plan to reveal some exciting new material from the album they are currently working on. Not to be missed!

Thursday, May 7

The Accused join the Southern Lord family

Southern Lord are pleased to announce the signing of legendary Seattle splatter rock kings THE ACCUSED! Said label head Greg Anderson: “THE ACCUSED and guitarist Tommy Niemeyer were basically responsible for turning me onto hardcore/punk and underground metal. If it wasn’t for me witnessing THE ACCUSED slay the audience — and me — in 1985 I may not be writing this today!”

Added Niemeyer on joining the Southern Lord roster: “Because we are a pretty unclassifiable band, THE ACCUSED has had a rough time finding a label who really knows what this band is about; that our fans are all over the place demographically. Greg Anderson at Southern Lord is the guy who totally ‘gets it’ when it comes to THE ACCUSED. He knows exactly ‘how metal’ we are and ‘how punk’ we are and all the other weird shit in between that makes The Accused what it is: splatter rock. Hooking up with Anderson and the great staff of Southern Lord is the best thing that’s happened with this band in a long time. It feels like THE ACCUSED are strapped onto a huge bottle rocket and Greg’s about to light the fuse.”

The current line-up consists of Brad Mowen (also a member of Master Musicians of Bukakke and former member of Burning Witch and Asva), Dorando Hodous (also a member of Lesbian), Mike Peterson and Tommy Niemeyer.

The band will enter the studio with uber producer Billy Anderson (Melvins, Neurosis, Brutal Truth, Cattle Decapitation, High On Fire etc) to record 14 new tunes. Appropriately titled The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead, the release will mark their first full-length studio effort in four years. The band will be making several live appearances in support of their new opus, including a freshly announced slot at SuperSonic Festival in Birmingham England July 25, 2009 alongside Corrupted and Thorr’s Hammer. Prepare to hear a lot more from Martha and the boys via Southern Lord in the very near future! You have been warned…

Wednesday, May 6

Southern Records on Resonance FM this Saturday

After a cancellation last week (which ultimately let to my being able to go to ATP) Southern Record's very own Queen B aka me, Lauren B is most definitely going to be sitting in on Johnny Mugwump's show tomorrow (Saturday 16 May) Johnny Mugwump & The Exotic Pylon, a messthetic anything-goes zone with DJ's, artists, authors, musicians, non-musicians and anybody out on the margins, on 104.4 Resonance FM from 9:30pm this Saturday.

I plan to spin some of our fantastic new releases including Current 93, Sylvester Anfang, Wolves In The Throne Room, The Paper Chase, Japanther, and Tartufi and delve into the back-catalogue a little too! All shows archived at

Turn on, tune in, freak out!!!

Thursday, April 30

Nancy Wallace's residency at the Britannia Pub (London) is now confirmed!!!

This May, the Local and Nancy Wallace present: Old Stories Sessions

At The Britannia, 360 Victoria Park Road, E9 7BT

A residency to celebrate the album Old Stories, on Midwich.

Wed 13 - A-Line, Nancy Wallace, Robin Grey
Wed 20 - Olivia Chaney,Nancy Wallace, Ellen Mary McGee
Wed 27 - Chavo, Nancy Wallace, Robin Gillan
Wed 3 - Sam Lee Trio, Nancy Wallace, Jason Garth Steel

Free Entry to all shows.
Great food, great beer garden.

more info -

Wednesday, April 29

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band to play Meltdown

The initial line-up for Ornette Coleman's Meltdown has just been announced and on Thursday 18th June he has selected Patti Smith and Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band to play a special show at the Royal Festival Hall. This is going to be tremendous.

In the past, Meltdown has boasted live performances from a vast array of artists including our very own Chrome Hoof and Sunn 0))).

To ensure that you do not miss this extra special event then visit the Meltdown site to purchase tickets. They officially went on sale today!

Monday, April 20

The return of the great Southern podcast!!!

A brand new Southern podcast is live on the Southern website and available for download now. It is long overdue but back with vengeance and with some fresh meat in the form of two new contributors Fiona and Freddy (not to mention the return of little miss nicknamed a lot, Queen B)

In this podcast we present a fine selection of our new releases from Southern Records and from our affiliated labels. You can expect music from the enchanting folk songstress Nancy Wallace, black metal titans Orcustus, Bletchley boys Action Beat, the Italian metal/math-rock/no-wave/free-jazz/noise/punk trio Zu and the punk legends Subhumans and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Here are the featured tracks:

If you would like to hear this podcast or listen to any of our others then please visit the Southern website.

Stay tuned for more coming soon!!!

Friday, April 17

Canada calling! Coming up on Constellation...

Constellation are responsible for releasing broad, genre-defying music and although each release differs from the next, each is bound by the same level of fantastic quality. Last year they released a superb album Villainaire by The Dead Science whose songs range from epic orchestral pop to sinister jazz-rock and weary, soulbleached balladry (an interview with enigmatic front man can be found on the Southern website) and at the start of this year Constellation released the moving Jem Cohen film Empire Of Tin, a meditation on the decline of empires with musical accompaniment from Vic Chesnutt, members of Silver Mt. Zion and Guy Picciotto (Fugazi).

Some of Constellation's recent output is arguably some of the most adventurous yet. Take Land Of Kush, musician and composer, Sam Shalabi, has for the past 20 years created music unconstrained by genre, with a musical history spanning rock, jazz, free music, punk, and most things in-between in many different projects. With Land Of Kush he explores of sprawling compositions and large ensembles. Against The Day is a complex, intense, but accessible hour of hybrid, genre-defying music. The marriage of middle-eastern, north African and western modes and influences yields a recording that evades categorization which is quite simply, superb.

Coming up are two astounding new releases, the ever-so-refreshing Elfin Saddle and the wonderous self-titled debut by Clues. In terms of the latter, co-founders Alden Penner and Brendan Reed have been quietly nurturing this project in Montreal since the demise of their respective bands, Unicorns and Les Angles Morts. As a member of the short-lived Unicorns, Penner's song-writing prowess was unveiled in a bright burst of mysterious and kaleidoscopic energy, in the form of a single full-length album (released in 2003) and countless live shows, both of which rallied passionate responses from audiences and critics alike. Penner's voice, guitar and unique lyrical vision now guide Clues, with humble authority, originality and intent. Wedded to Reed's own superlative compositional and arranging acumen (and awesome drumming, among other instrumental skills) and abetted by multi-instrumentalists Ben Borden (Les Automates de Maxime de la Rochefoucauld ), Lisa Gamble (Gambletron, Evangelista, Hrsta) and Nick Scribner (Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble), the band delivered sporadic and fantastic local performances through 2008. They then entered the Hotel2Tango studio to lay down eleven songs in a feverish session during a Montreal winter deep freeze. The resulting album radiates a very special warmth and urgency, full of secrets, smiles, snarls and sing-a-longs.

Elfin Saddle's Ringing For The Begin Again is a highly organic song cycle; the music sounds as if it had been dug up from dark, rich earth. Out of the opening drone and rustling ambient percussion of "The Bringer", Jordan evokes golem-like images in a series of descending vocal melodies, gradually joined by Emi's vocal counterpoint and a slowly evolving brew of instrumental layers, like a clay sculpture taking shape and hardening in dappled sunlight. "Running Sheep" is one of several fables sung by Emi in Japanese and demonstrates the band's sharper, more staccato melodic sensibility. Third track "Hammer Song" is a brilliant little ode to deconstruction and dismantling, an anthemic tune about the tension between restraint and resolve. Emi's ukulele and vocal lines on "Sakura" are perhaps most overtly evocative of her home country of Japan; as the song is overtaken by a clockwork of chiming acoustic guitar figures and chugging chords, and segues into the instrumental "Muskeg Parade", we're in the throes of a sort of east-meets- west miniature musicbox marching band. Side Two begins with the two-part "The Living Light", the album centerpiece and a secular hymn to rejuvenation by daylight, sunlight, exposure to the elements - perhaps as only dwellers of the upper latitudes can fully appreciate. In a way, the entirety of Ringing For The Begin Again feels forged directly out of the seasonal extremes of Canadian nature, with the instrumentation like a shelter of wood, moss, grasses and packed earth within which simple and cyclical rituals of invocation and parable can be shaped and intoned. Song after song emerges as if from a sort of hibernation, inscribing its own little portal and then breaking open through it, letting in the elements and harnessing them into harmonious coalescence.

You can find out about these and more Constellation releases on the Southern website and discuss Constellation artists on the Constellation forum.

Wednesday, April 8

Earth are on the road!!!

I caught up briefly with the wonderful Steve Moore of Earth too see how the first leg of their European tour was going and this is what he had to say...

"The tour is going great - awesome shows with good energy from the fans and good music (if I'm allowed to judge....!!!). We're a little exhausted from the extensive drives we've been doing - but currently on a bit of a rest waiting in Oslo to play the Inferno festival. It's an honor to be here and inspiring to see such an open minded scene.....

Hope all is well in London! The band is looking forward, as always, to the UK leg of our tour.....not too many stories to tell - just getting to the gigs is an adventure!"
A pleasure as always. Here is a list of the remaining dates:

Wed Apr 8 2009
Inferno Festival
Thu Apr 9 2009

Sat Apr 11 2009

Sun Apr 12 2009

Mon Apr 13 2009

Tue Apr 14 2009

Wed Apr 15 2009

Thu Apr 16 2009

Fri Apr 17 2009

Sat Apr 18 2009

Sun Apr 19 2009

Tue Apr 21 2009

Wed Apr 22 2009

Thu Apr 23 2009

Fri Apr 24 2009

Sat Apr 25 2009

They will be playing out songs their phenomenal album The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull (follow up to the fantastic Hex) and hopefully the song "Junkyard Priest" which appears on the vinyl version of the album (and is one of my favourites!). This is in my opinion a wonderful record demonstrating their innovation and evolution as a band and boasting a fine line-up of Dylan Carlson, Adrienne Davies, Steve Moore and Don McGreevy. I for one cannot wait to see them!

Check out the tour poster...

"Our driver Rogier Smal made those posters in the company of Don and myself.....during a uneventful evening at the merch table in Lyon, France........... Can't remember how it came up, but it all happened with scissors and glue....lots of laughter. We actually forgot them there at the table, which somehow seems fitting."

Note: this is not the official tour poster! Worth a giggle though!!