Thursday, February 26

The pAper chAse to unleash their fifth full length album

The pAper chAse are known for their angular guitar lines, discordant melodies, bombastic percussion, terror-stricken strings, bizarre samples and crashing pianos. They produce epic post-rock cum jagged pop at its finest and as you can see there is a lot going on and it is all tied together expertly by famous producer/engineer John Congleton who has worked with a variety of musicians including Modest Mouse, The Polyphonic Spree, Antony And The Johnsons, Celine Dion, Smog, R Kelly, The Roots, Marilyn Manson and many more...

The Paper Chase are fueled by genuine emotion and this is powerfully conveyed in their music, so much so that many have commented on their music as "uneasy listening". Yes, their music is challenging but this is no bad thing.

This May, the Paper Chase will be releasing their fifth full-length entitled Someday This Could Be Yours (Part 1) on Southern Records, the first of two concept albums about natural disasters. There is a moment on the album in which the final note of track two fades into a brief moment of silence. This is a peculiar development in the catalogue of a band that has historically filled every second of its albums with sound. On their new album, the group abandons some of the usual tricks. There are no segue pieces, no recurring musical motifs--just ten songs on an LP.

The power of this album lies in the songs and these songs are not short on grandeur. With each track representing a different natural disaster, The Paper Chase leader John Congleton crafts his most startling account of humanity, exploring the existential crisis inherent within a universe seemingly fated to exterminate its population. Wringing the most sinister and destructive elements out of the natural world, Congleton creates characters frantically trying to survive elements far beyond their control. While the narrative voices obsess over the batteries in their smoke alarms, the dams along the river and their desperate prayers for health and prosperity, these songs expose the utter frailty of the human condition. Faced with huge catastrophic or cosmic events, man has no choice but to recognise his own insignificance.

On Someday, The Paper Chase sounds even more unlike any other band in modern music. With drummer Jason Garner making his recorded debut with the group, the band expands upon its singular vision--a perpetual struggle between conflict and resolution, dissonance and beauty. Utilising a newfound dynamic command, these songs are able to breathe--subtly building feelings of anticipation, yet erupting into violence and chaos as crisis becomes inevitable. The Paper Chase has matured but hasn't lightened up. If anything, by leaving open spaces and allowing melodies to fully develop, the group presents its most powerful work to date.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Southern website for more information.

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