Friday, February 13

Nancy Wallace - A shining star

As the voice of The Memory Band, Nancy Wallace will already be familiar to many. After two albums of effortless modern folk classics with The Memory Band Nancy has finally released her debut album through Southern imprint Midwich. Her debut solo release, the Young Hearts EP from 2005, saw Nancy's appeal reach a wider audience with its canny marrying of disco anthems to a folk sound. It won the hearts of everyone who heard it and tracks from the EP have been licensed to several compilation albums.

On Old Stories, traditional songs sit happily alongside Nancy's original compositions with a flow so effortless you forget which is which and the relaxed sound and simple yet rich arrangements compliment her voice perfectly. A charming modesty presides over the whole set but the one enduring thing you take away from listening to this album is that Nancy Wallace is a huge talent.

Nancy Wallace has already received some fantastic praise from the press and is going to be the cover star of the worldwide acclaimed magazine fROOTS this March (along with traditional folkie Ian King)

Here are some fine examples of the deserved praise:

"Long respected as one of the purest voices on the folk circuit, this recording, like her live work, fashions an amazing intimacy with her listener. A significant debut." 4/5 MOJO

"Old Stories, Nancy Wallace's debut album, is one of the first highlights of 2009. Time will tell if she becomes one of the great British voices, but with the level of emotion she conveys, she certainly has every right to be talked about in the same breath as some of the traditional music greats...Old Stories is a volume you'll return to time and again." BBC MUSIC REVIEWS

"The set should pave the way to wider recognition for Wallace, one of the finest folk vocals of her generation." MUSIC WEEK

"Her accomplished fare is likely to hit the spot with fans of the McGarrigles and Fairport Convention." TIME OUT

In other exciting news, Nancy Wallace has just confirmed residency at The Brittannia Pub (Victoria Park, London) every Wednesday in May where she will invite a different support act along each week.

Make sure you note these other dates in your diary for a chance to enjoy Nancy's engaging, alluring live performance as well as performances from some of the other rising stars on Midwich, not to mention Southern Records' favourite folk band The Owl Service.

Here are the dates:

Apr 8th - Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich

Apr 23rd - St George's Day Extravaganza at Cecil Sharpe House, London - (sponsored by fRoots)

Jul 25th - Union Chapel, London - (Daylight Music Festival)

Mar 13th - St Mary's Old Church, Stoke Newington, London
(Nancy Wallace + Jason Steel + Ellen Mary McGee)

Jun 28th - Leigh Folk Festival, Leigh-On-Sea
(The Owl Service + Nancy Wallace + Jason Steel + Straw Bear Band)

For more news about the upcoming releases on Midwich including the new album from the charming Ellen Mary McGee then please visit the Southern website.

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