Thursday, June 4

Calling all Londoners...Alabaster Suns FREE gig this Friday!!!

Formed from the ashes of UK post-hardcore stalwarts Capricorns (Rise Above records), Alabaster Suns comprises guitarist Kevin Williams (also ex-FABRIC, ex-DES MAN DIABLO), Nathan Perrier (also ex-LABRAT) with the addition of Anthony Dearlove on bass.

Their brutally heavy sets marked a decided shift from much of the more groove based latter day Capricorns material and drew on William's early influences such as Prong, Voivod and much of the early Dischord records output.

The band have continued to play live frequently all over the UK and this Friday they will be playing a FREE gig at the well respected Cro Bar on Manet Street (just off Charing cross Road). Get there early to be sure that you catch them before the usual rabble arrive, wait a minute, they are the usual rabble.

Don't forget that Alabaster Suns' cracking debut album will be coming out soon on the rising label Iron Pig. You can find out all about this awesome, fiercely progressive, heavy as hell record on the Southern website.

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