Wednesday, May 13

One Inch Badge Records at Great Escape Festival

One Inch Badge Records were asked to take over Thursday night at the Great Escape Festival 2009 and here's what they came up with...

ZACH HILL (Ipecac)
The warped genius behind the ferocious drums of HELLA. It's gonna be face melting!
Onstage 10:15-10:45pm

GENTLE, FRIENDLY (Upset The Rhythm)
Tonal scuzz-pop that bridges the gap between Animal Collective and Wavves.
Onstage 9:25-9:55

Brash and eclectic casio-pop courtesy of Tom Denney (ex-Help She Can't Swim).
Onstage 8:35-9:05

SJ ESAU (Anticon / OIB Records)
Skewed lo-fi hip-hop meets folk-pop. The first ever UK signing to the seminal Anticon label (Why?/Themselves/Sole/Sage Francis). SJ Esau's next release will be the OIB Records released split single 'Part of a Diagram' with Suburban Kids With Biblical Names/Half-handed Cloud/Kopek.
Onstage 7:45-8:15

Outrageous pop super group featuring members of Pope Joan, My Device, Lonely Ghosts, and Help She Can't Swim.
Onstage 7:00-7:25

Doors at 6:30pm
Thursday 14th May
@ The Freebutt, Brighton

Southern Records strongly recommend Mothlite at Great Escape who are playing on Saturday at the Freebutt at approx 9pm.
OIB recommend at Great Escape 09: Abe Vigoda, Wavves, Telepathe, Mika Miko, Handsome Family, Die! Die! Die!, Idlewild.

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