Monday, May 18

Chrome Hoof in another killer collaboration...this time the artist Marcus Coates

Nomad and Qu Junktions present ‘A Ritual for Elephant & Castle’ featuring Marcus Coates performing live with Chrome Hoof, Wildbirds & Peacedrums and a 20-piece live drum circle, plus very special guests and DJs.

The highly anticipated collusion of artist / shapeshifter Marcus Coates and the thunder, rock and disco of the mighty Chrome Hoof is a fanciful and fantastic proposition add to this cauldron the raw sexual energy of Wildbirds & Peacedrums, backed up by a 20 piece drum circle and it is a explosive evening of infinite possibilities and happenings. FULL DETAILS BELOW.

Chrome Hoof, the huge ever-growing otherworldly mutant metal/disco/intergalactic sonic space band, seems to have been invented for such an event. They bring their own party and it is like no other, a combination of primal feeling, virtuosity, theatre, brooding menace and glamour.

Singer Lola Olafisoye is reminiscent of both Grace Jones at her stylish best and a New Orleans witch queen. Their mission is to make music to move the spirit. This time they come with a Marcus Coates on board.

“In any case, just as uncompromising and particular as the band are visually, they are even more so sonically.”

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