Wednesday, January 28

Tartufi sign to Southern Records!!!

We at Southern Records HQ have had our beady eyes on the San Francisco duo Tartufi for some time now. In that time I have managed to collect all their previous recordings, conduct extensive research into their back-story and develop myself into a fully fledged super fan!

Finally, we can confirm that Tartufi had been signed to Southern Records and that we will be releasing their next album in spring this year. This is seriously exciting!!! I just cannot believe that they have not yet taken over the world with their progressive and innovative indie and noise music.

One drum kit, one guitar and razor sharp vocals pile on top of one another with great precision to create dense songs drenched with abstract abrasion - littered with lush harmonies. We are so proud to be unleashing Tartufi to the world and with such a fine album. Here is what the band had to say about the signing:

After months of searching for just the right home for their new album, Lynne and Brian a saw a light on in the far off cabin at Southern Records. A kind maiden at Southern welcomed them in, sat them beside the hearth, and fed them delicious English soup and beer. Well worn from their travels the two musicians listened intently as the label maiden told them tales of battles fought, won, and lost in the kingdom of Indierocklandia. Her eyes were true and her words sure. Their amulet- the one the wizard of the glenn gave them to reveal trickery- confirmed that she was pure of heart. She invited them to stay. They accepted and and together Lynne and Brian placed the only copy of Nests of Waves and Wire on the great oak table. This is where our story begins.....Tartufi is thrilled to announce that they have just signed to Southern Records.

Nests of Waves and Wire is scheduled to be released in Spring 2009. A European tour will coincide with the release and a U.S. tour will follow soon thereafter.

Photo credit: Lydia Daniller

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