Friday, January 30

...And the winner of the Norwegian grammy goes to...Farmers Market!!!

Yes that's right! Farmers Market are now the proud winners of a Norwegian Grammy award, the most prestigious award in the field of music. The category in which they won was the "Open Class" award and their delightful album Surfin USSR (which came out last year on Ipecac) was narrowed down from seventy seven records and then nominated with just three others; a contemporary composer, a female folk fiddle player and the princess of Norway (who apparently made an album of religious hymns (no I am not kidding!)...the rest is history!

Many of the prize winners were not shown on TV but Farmers Market's speech was shown across the whole of Norway (and probably some of Sweden too!) so now they are big stars in their homeland.

Right, I am off to go ice-fishing with Stian from the band and celebrate their win in true Norwegian style.


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