Friday, March 20

Aurora Borealis announce new releases and details of Equinox Festival

Its undoubtedly their busiest year over at AB towers, and they're convinced that putting killer releases out roughly every ten minutes is the only way to defeat the downfall of modern capitalism and stave off the inevitable descent into chaos. Speaking to label owner Andrew, he admits that it has also got a lot to do with the fact that he keeps hearing so much awesome music.

To give you an idea, here is a list of records we can expect from Aurora Borealis in the coming months:

K 11 "Voices from Thelema" CD - an amazing package with 32pp booklet documenting Italian sound artist Pietro Riparbelli's sound work inside Aleister Crowley's Thelema Abbey, dealing in similar sonic textures to Tim Hecker.
ATAVIST "II: Ruined" 2LP - long overdue vinyl edition of this underrated UK extreme Doom masterpiece.
L'ACEPHALE "Malefeasance" 2LP and CD. Finally, the most patient of all the blackened experimental noise litterati will see his magnum opus released, and we have to say its stunning. Beautiful moments sit alongside scenes of evisceration.
HEAVY WINGED ltd LP, "Shaking, Waking". Hot on the heels of their release on RTB records, more monolithic drift and caveman Krautrock from these US lords. This will be followed later in the year by a full LP and CD.
BURIAL HEX returns with a limited split LP with fellow Wisconsin resident ZOLA JESUS. One new style track and one amazing old style track (I'm getting a twisted Martin Denny style exotica from this one...) from BHX, while ZOLA JESUS follow up their amazing singles on Bone Yard and WFMU session with 20 minutes of heavy synth, drones, some beats and a totally killer vocal style. All this and live BHX dates this year at Roadburn and Equinox Festival in London, plus some UK tour action...
SYLVESTER ANFANG II - brand new 2LP and CD. Described by the band as "Satanadelic", the new album sees a more psyched out approach, more akin to psyche rock though with massive doses of unhinged freak folk gri-gri. Don't show your mum the cover.
Also coming up soon:
FAUNA "The Hunt" CD, the second album. Remastered by Mell Detmer and with re recorded drums. The band are hoping to complete an all new record for the end of the year...
RYE WOLVES "Oceans of Delicate Rain" 2LP - hoping to get this ready for the band to take on a small West Coast US tour in the summer.
GRUMBLING FUR "Furrier" LP/CD (feat members CIRCLE, GUAPO, ALEX TUCKER...) - too much to say about this... mind blowing.
JOURNEY TO IXTLAN s/t 2LP - can it be true? Will it ever see the mystic light of day on vinyl? Will it really come with a patch?
DEAD RAVEN CHOIR new CD/LP, expected this winter. When you think he's gone too far he manages to go further... and further. Features a 14 year old Polish girl on vocals.

...just a few bits and pieces then...NOT!!!

In other news, Aurora Borealis are honoured and overjoyed to be supporting the Equinox Festival, a three day media arts festival dedicated to contemporary spiritual discovery and mystical traditions. In addition to three full days of talks, performances and film, there will be music performances from Aethenor, John Zorn, TAGC, z'ev, James Ferraro (Skaters) and many more including AB's own K 11 and Burial Hex. It looks set to be an incredible three days here in London, June 12-14th. Check out the festival website.

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